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The Basics Why Meyer Distributing Is Your Ideal Partner

 Supplier Diversification. Competition among and support for more than one warehouse distributor is critical for your business’s long-term outlook. With no competition in the marketplace, your supplier might have control over everything you do. It is wise to think clearly when it comes to diversifying your buying strategies for your company’s best interests. Meyer is a family owned operation who cheers on the underdog and is closely connected to the customer because we remember our roots very well and are not mainly concerned about making profits for outside investors. The fact we have great customer service and competitive pricing as the industry’s largest national “privately held” distributor provides a truly differentiated package and will continue to offer the industry immense stability because Meyer Distributing is here to stay. It makes sense to build and grow a relationship with Meyer for the future; we have a business model that fully supports our customers which simply does not exist among competing distributors.

 Supply Chain Integrity. Do you know that Meyer Distributing is the only national distributor that truly respects the supply chain and your company’s market interests? Meyer is the only warehouse that can offer Retailers real protection from small shops who dabble in accessories that can undercut your business. In fact, we’ll help our true wholesale customers eliminate these market pests with extreme pricing and free technology. We do not need to supply every person, nook and cranny with parts because we realize this is not creating more business; it’s simply replacing business by taking it away from our wholesale customers. We also do not support mass merchandisers for the exact same reason. Could we supply them?...of course. However, this strategy does not make sense because it eats away at the foundation from which this great industry was built leaving our customers without means to compete with retail giants. Meyer Distributing has customers who will quickly agree that we leave the competition among them and operate with a market strategy that offers protection from businesses that should not be in this industry in the first place.

 The best technology for FREE. How much do you pay your supplier for online ordering access? Are you paying your supplier the same price for online access as the guy down the street or is favoritism being played? Have you asked? Do you want to take advantage of a site that is super easy to use including many great user features for FREE? If so, is your answer. Join the 1000’s of customers who have taken advantage of Meyer Online to view inventory at multiple warehouses, order product with delivery date shown from all warehouses nationwide, modify and delete orders and manage your account just to name a few.

 Real People, Real Solutions. The people of Meyer Distributing will put forth greater effort and be more receptive than any other WD to help your company succeed. From our dedicated fleet with customer service cell phones to our knowledgeable sales staff on our voice over IP network, we are building many services for you. A major differentiating factor why Meyer Distributing is your ideal supply partner is that the owners of Meyer are highly involved with all facets of the operation and are always glad to talk with you about ways to improve our service to help you grow. No other WD has the resources as well as the personal dedication of staying close to the heartbeat of the industry and your business!

We want to talk to you about how we may improve our service to help grow your business. Please email or call us anytime.

We Know Distribution Inside and Out

Leading companies are built on similar core fundamental principles. Constant focus on these guiding practices lays a solid foundation for future growth. At Meyer, our entire history has been based on building personal relationships and applying important fundamentals with a common sense, hands-on approach. Our commitment to integrating core business units into one package enables us to provide unmatched customer service on a repeated basis. Our team's devotion to improving all operational processes helps grow your business and enhances our ability to offer the industry’s highest level of service.