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Meyer Online enables customers to access their account, view pricing and inventory from multiple warehouses nationwide through popular search methods, and create, modify and track existing orders all FREE of charge! The goal of Meyer Online is to provide customers with a simple and straight-forward but powerful and capable tool to help them save valuable time and money. Meyer Online will never be considered “finished”…this application will evolve to enhance the customer experience based on user feedback as development time is available.

Below is a brief set of Q&A with text instructions to help you become familiar with Meyer Online.


Q 1: How do I sign up multiple users FREE!? A: To sign up for Meyer Online... From the top Navigation on this site, click eCommerce->Shop Online which will direct you to sign in Click ‘Sign up Now’ on the left Complete this form entering your CUSTOMER NUMBER. Entering incorrect customer number will result in denial. Access to system will require verification and may take 1-3 days. You may sign up as many users as you like for FREE. Top

Q 2: How do I sign in to Meyer Online? A: Go to sign in and enter your User ID and Password (this will not work until you have received approval email). Top

Q 3: How do I retrieve my User ID and or Password? A: To retrieve your… Password: Click ‘Forgot your Password?’ under sign in and it will be emailed to you User ID: Click ‘Forgot your User ID?’ under sign in and it will be emailed to you If neither your User ID or Password is known, you may simply sign up again - this is easiest and quickest way to get back online. Top

Q 4: How do I Edit my User Settings? A: Click ‘Edit User’ in top right corner after logging in. Top

Q 5: What is top navigation? A: Top navigation contains key tabs to help you manage your account. The ‘Home’ page contains important news and information, the ‘Line Sheet’ page contains all active lines and links to manufacturer websites, ‘Account’ page shows your account details, ‘Open Documents’ page shows documents open (in progress), ‘Deliveries’ shows when a Meyer Truck may be delivering product, successive tabs show additional information to help you manage your account. Top

Q 6: What is side navigation? How do I search for parts? A: Side navigation allows a user to search for items. The cursor defaults to ‘Search by Part Number’ where you may enter in vendor part numbers. Note that adding the corresponding 3 digit Price Group as prefix (found on 'search by manufacturer' drop down) can be used to filter and speed up searches. Note that dashes ‘-‘ and spaces‘ ‘ are ignored by part number search for convenience. Also, the more of a part you type in the faster the search result. ‘Search by Category’ allows a user to see all items within a certain category (note all items may not appear due to manufacturer metadata not being present) ‘Search by Description’ allows a user to see all items containing certain words. Keep in mind the more you type, the more restrictive the search however it will allow for many words in no specific order. (note all items may not appear due to manufacturer metadata not being present) ‘Search by Manufacturer’ allows a user to see all items within a certain manufacturer line (this search may be slower on lines with a very large number of items) ‘Search by Vehicle’ allows a user to see all items that fit a certain vehicle (note all items may not appear due to manufacturer metadata not being present) ‘Search Within Results’ allows a user to type additional criteria to filter search results (note all items may not appear due to manufacturer metadata not being present). Top

Q 7: How do I create an Order? A: To create an Order… **Select your desired Ship to Location (if multiple) below left Navigation. This is unnecessary if your account has single Address ID. Locate your item through searching. If the item is available in your local warehouse, you may add it from search page. Items must first be ordered from local warehouse. If QTY desired is greater than QTY available locally, please purchase local and then re-enter the item to initiate transfer. If the item is not available at your local warehouse, you must click this item to enter full item inquiry screen if not there already; this page contains maximum information about a certain item. To add your item to an order, click add noting the Delivery Day next to the warehouse where the part is located. This will direct you to shipping method page. ‘Will Call’ may be selected to pick up the item from your local warehouse or initiate UPS type shipments or Meyer Truck Delivery to receive via Meyer Logistics. You have the ability to add items to existing unprocessed orders and will be prompted to do so…please note shipping method to ensure the order you are adding to has desired shipping method or create new. Also, a prompt will inform you if an earlier delivery date is available before that of another open document so you may get product to you ASAP. Top

Q 8: How do I add or edit my purchase order number? A: You may enter a purchase order number at the time of order creation or add or edit a PO number at a later time before it's processed by locating your order under ‘Open Documents’ and clicking 'Edit Order'. You may enter a PO number in the order header or to each line item by clicking the blue pencils. Top

Q 9: How do I edit or delete an Order? A: To edit an Order, locate it under ‘Open Documents’ and click the Document Number and click ‘Edit’ or ‘Delete’. You may not edit or delete processed orders, invoices, or RGAs. Fields with a blue pencil may be edited and those with a red 'X' may be deleted. Top

Q 10: How do I print a document for my records? A: To print a document, locate the ‘Print View’ in the top right corner of the document window. Top

Q 11: How do I review my open invoices and statement? A: All open invoices and your statement are conveniently located under the Account tab. Access to this page may be restricted by user ID upon request by Account principal. For additional information or instructions, please Contact Us. Top