Meyer Online

The Journey

The journey started over 75 years ago and the tradition lives on...
1937 Meyer Body Inc. founded by Leo Meyer - Haysville, IN
1959 Meyer Body Inc. acquired by Amos Braun and Jerry Habig
1983 Meyer enters vehicle accessories market - distribution business is born
1986 Meyer Body Inc. acquired by Mike Braun and Daryl Rauscher 
1988 Meyer opens location in Evansville, IN
1995 Meyer Body Inc. fully acquired by Mike Braun
1998 Moved from Haysville location to new Jasper, IN Distribution Center
1999 Competitive Edge Distributing, sister company to Meyer, opens in Concord, NC launched
2000 Meyer Distributing's first catalog is produced
2003 A&W Duke's Acquired - Louisville, KY
2004 Midwest Truck Accessories Acquired - Baton Rouge, LA, Houston, TX and Tulsa, OK locations are added
Voice over IP phone system deployed nationwide
Meyer acquires Custom Vehicle Supply - Milwaukee, WI
Meyer Online is launched - first eCommerce orders are processed
First tractor/trailer transfers begin
2005 Meyer acquires AAA Distributing - Enterprise, AL
My.Meyer web-based Intranet portal is launched
Meyer acquires full ownership of Competitive Edge Distributing
Harrisburg, PA cross-dock opens
Elkhart, IN cross-dock opens
2006 Meyer acquires Twin City Bedliner - Minneapolis, MN
Meyer acquires Weathers Auto Supply - Tupelo, MS
Meyer opens call center and cross-dock in Dallas, TX
Meyer Logistics, Inc. founded as third party freight company
2007 Ocala, FL cross-dock opens
2008 Meyer acquires Eck Trucking, Jasper, IN
St. Louis, MO cross-dock opens
Kansas City, KS cross-dock opens
ProMaxx Automotive private label brand is launched
2009 Meyer Named Among Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies
Atlanta, GA cross-dock opens
Denver, CO call center and regional stocking warehouse opens
Nashville, TN cross-dock opens
2010 Downtown Chicago, IL corporate office established
Dayton, OH cross-dock opens
Youngstown, OH cross-dock opens
Detroit, MI cross-dock opens
Meyer expands Dallas, TX facility into regional stocking warehouse
Meyer acquires Croft Supply & Distribution, San Antonio, TX
Meyer named 2010 SEMA Warehouse Distributor of the Year, Las Vegas, NV
2011 Memphis, TN cross-dock opens
Birmingham, AL cross-dock opens
Dallas, TX HUB warehouse opens
Meyer acquires Sunrise National Distributors Florida Division, Orlando, FL
Knoxville, TN cross-dock opens
2012 Charleston, WV cross-dock opens
Little Rock, AR cross-dock opens
Fort Lauderdale, FL cross-dock opens
Hagerstown, MD cross-dock opens
Snyder, TX cross-dock opens
Richmond, VA cross-dock opens
Jackson, MS cross-dock opens
Lafayette, LA cross-dock opens
East Hanover, NJ HUB warehouse opens
Indianapolis, IN cross-dock opens
Binghamton, NY cross-dock opens
Worcester, MA cross-dock opens
2013 Champaign, IL cross-dock opens
Albuquerque, NM cross-dock opens
Phoenix, AZ cross-dock opens
  Lexington, KY cross-dock opens
  Meyer acquires American Dealer Accessories, Ontario, Visalia, Stockton, CA
  Chicago, IL cross-dock opens
  Lubbock, TX cross-dock opens
  Abilene, TX cross-dock opens
  Meyer acquires Armor Deck wholesale distribution operations, Saddlebrook, NJ
  Iowa City, IA cross-dock opens
  Shreveport, LA cross-dock opens
  Buffalo, NY cross-dock opens
2014 Meyer acquires Vehicle Specialties, Inc., Hammond, IN
  Valdosta, GA cross-dock opens
  Oklahoma City, OK cross-dock opens
  Meyer moves into new 17 acre, 325,000 sq. ft. distribution facility in Arlington, TX
  Minneapolis, MN distribution center opens
2015 Salt Lake City, UT cross-dock opens
Boise, ID cross-dock opens
  Meyer acquires 5 Seasons RV, Portland, OR
  Meyer named 2015 SEMA Warehouse Distributor of the Year, Las Vegas, NV
2016 Corpus Christi, TX cross-dock opens
  Punta Gorda, FL cross-dock opens
  Grand Rapids, MI cross-dock opens
  Fargo, ND cross-dock opens
  Asheville, NC cross-dock opens
  Las Vegas, NV cross-dock opens
  Casper, WY cross-dock opens
  Omaha, NE cross-dock opens
2017 Louisville, KY cross-dock opens
  Billings, MT cross-dock opens
  Salina, KS cross-dock opens
Meyer named 2017 SEMA Warehouse Distributor of the Year, Las Vegas, NV
  Lakewood, WA cross-dock opens
2018 Harlingen, TX cross-dock opens
Kingman, AZ cross-dock opens
Springfield, MO cross-dock opens
Spokane, WA cross-dock opens
Meyer acquires Sherman Auto Parts and launches new HUB distribution center in Washington, MI
2019 Chattanooga, TN cross-dock opens
Flagstaff, AZ cross-dock opens
Barstow, CA cross-dock opens
Twin Falls, ID cross-dock opens
Jacksonville, FL cross-dock opens

Days Gone By

Pictured Above: Some of the original Meyer staff from 1937 and project trucks from days gone by. Until the mid-late 1980’s vehicle parts and accessories were mostly purchased and installed for commercial applications. Times and vehicles have changed but Meyer service and dedication remains constant! Thanks for the decades of support!